Would it help your business if you could determine what MOST influences developers and managers to buy your product or those of your competitors? EMF can help you to improve your competitive position and increase your revenues!

EMF Market Intelligence Program

What you get from the EMF Market Intelligence Program?

You get a unique custom tool that allows you to look at the embedded marketplace from many perspectives – EMF data and reports provide a systematic means of describing how your customer, those of your competitors – and undecided potential customers – make purchasing decisions and under what conditions they are most likely to change their mind. The tool (Dashboard) that make this possible is uniquely yours so that all of the data and correlations that you investigate are securely protected.

Voice of Embedded Customers - Listening to your customers and your competitors customers – We enable you to understand why your customers chose you (or your competitors), what issues are of most concern to them and what their disappointments have been with your products as well as with those of your competitors. You can discover why they chose you or why they preferred a different vendor

Custom Market Research – Subscribers are provided a custom survey URL which allows you to invite customers and prospects to take the 2014 survey. This data is kept separate from the main survey and it allows you to clearly see how their responses compare with those of the broad industry. It provides crucial insights to your strategic planning and in many cases bragging rights for your marketing and sales efforts

Timely and Detailed Reports – We detail developer’s preferences with commentary regarding trends and report on Sold Available Market for RTOSes, Tools and Services. In addition we provide data sheets in which every survey question is cross tabbed by 10 vertical markets, Engineering Types (software engineers/managers, hardware engineers/managers, firmware developments engineers, systems engineers/architects and validation/verification engineers) as well as to microprocessor architecture (including multicore). This gives you the ability to look at the embedded world from many perspectives. The Dashboard takes this ability to another level.

In addition to the extensive embedded developer surveys and reporting of revenues by product category, the Program includes a complete discussion of technologies that will enable and revitalize the embedded marketplace

Question: How much would it cost you to have all of this information at hand if you had to develop it in-house or to subscribe to the many expensive research reports (which would provide graphs and tables while not providing the power of the Dashboard)?

You get all these strategic marketing insights plus access to Dr. Jerry Krasner for $12,500/year ($1100/month)

EMF Market Intelligence Dashboard!
Experience the ability to examine the embedded marketplace from your perspective!
Look at what your customers and competitor’s customers are using, liking and complaining about!
See what they report as being the most important factors in making their purchasing decision!

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