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EMF Embedded Executive Dashboard

Embedded Market Forecasters in proud to introduce the Embedded Executive Dashboard – a web based source of detailed information that permits you to gain information and insights to your industry, your competition and your current and prospective customers. Think of it as a Heads – Up information source for your product and strategic planning efforts.

At your finger tips – no matter where you are as long as you have Internet access – you can find specific information regarding the detailed responses of over a thousand embedded developers to the recent EMF Embedded Developer’s Survey. You can find out:

  • Which microprocessors, which host platforms, which target OSes, which programming languages, which wireless protocols, which security protocols, which drivers, etc. are used by your current and prospective customers?
  • Discover the number of new to world and newly reconfigured embedded design starts per developer as well as which RTOS, FPGA, and simulation-modeling vendors embedded developers are familiar with and which they use.

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