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Embedded Market Forecaster’s publishes market intelligence briefs on important current issues and topics. Supported by data and analysis from detailed surveys of developers and engineering management, our team of senior analysts provide you with the information you need to make informed, timely decisions.

Each research brief consists of hundreds of hours of research and analysis offered at a fraction of the cost of custom research, enabling companies to get timely, accurate, detailed and actionable information. In addition, to the detailed analysis, most reports include survey data and cross-tabs.

If you would like to see more information about a topic or if you know of a topic that we haven’t covered, let us know.

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Critical Issues Confronting Medical Device Manufacturers

Critical Issues Confronting Medical Device Manufacturers – Free!

EMF Guide for Medical Device Developers

The FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) reported that in 2006, 21% of all medical device recalls were for software defects – it is also estimated that one-in-three software-based products is recalled. They haven’t updated this data since, but one can assume that it might have gotten worse.

Medical device developers and company CEOs should be aware that this is an unacceptable situation and that it is going to rapidly change. Those that don’t get it straight won’t be around when the dust settles.

Is there enough aspirin to relieve the headaches that our government is giving medical device manufacturers?

The purpose of this paper is to present the medical device developer, guidelines for complying with the “suggestions” of the CDRH. Technology exists today that allows a company’s current tools and processes to be retained, while presenting choices that developers can use to meet CDRH guidelines. EMF research has shown that these technologies are not only affordable, but that they can increase ROI and significantly reduce the chance of a product recall or a patient injury.

This paper is written to present alternative paths for developers to produce quality software for medical devices, minimize product recalls, and affordably provide comprehensive audit trails for CDRH inspectors. Keeping the company alive and your CEO out of jail are bonuses.

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Embedded Developers Report on Design Issues & Design Outcomes

Embedded Developers Report on Design Issues and Design Outcomes – Free!

Research report from 1600 developers on their choice of and criteria used for selecting an operating system (OS) and integrated development environment (IDE). Presented are the development processes used and perceived Best Practices and the significant issues impacting embedded software development.

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Design Outcomes of ARM Developers

Design Outcomes of ARM Developers – Free!

In this report, EMF documents its findings of developer usage of embedded processors enabling developers using ARM architectures to understand what similar developers are experiencing and to be able to compare ARM-based design outcomes with other processor families. This information is based upon the responses of more than four hundred eighty embedded developers to the detailed 2009 EMF survey.

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EMF Guide to Embedded Security

EMF Guide to Embedded Security for Communications Systems – Free!

What vendors, OEMs and developers need to know about embedded security

Embedded systems are responsible for the availability and functionality of many critical systems, from factory automation to gas pipeline monitors to networking equipment. Unfortunately, the critical importance of embedded systems is seldom matched with a strong, comprehensive security infrastructure.

This report examines several significant embedded systems security concerns, and where possible outlines recommended courses of remedial action.

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