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Embedded Market Intelligence Reports

Embedded Market Forecaster's publishes market intelligence reports on important current issues and topics. Supported by data and analysis from detailed surveys of developers and engineering management, our team of senior analysts provide you with the information you need to make informed, timely decisions.

Each research report consists of hundreds of hours of research and analysis offered at a fraction of the cost of custom research, enabling companies to get timely, accurate, detailed and actionable information. In addition, to the detailed analysis, most reports include survey data and cross-tabs.

If you would like to see more information about a topic or if you know of a topic that we haven't covered, let us know. You can also give us your feedback by taking our EMF Quick Survey (link in right sidebar).

New Research Reports!

Embedded Market Intelligence Program 2014

The embedded industry is experiencing a re-birth and rebound from the distressing days of past years. It’s essential for embedded vendors to have insights into the emergence of new markets and the repositioning of current markets as the embedded industry recovers and responds to the emergence of a new economy. EMF offers two comprehensive studies for a special price of $12,500, a $6,700 savings over the cost of all reports and dashboard purchased separately. In addition, a new way to customize EMF's exclusive data is available in the Embedded Executive Dashboard ($9,750 if purchased separately)

Price: $12,500 or $1050/mo including the EMF Embedded Executive Dashboard

Download prospectus and order form

Embedded Hardware/Software Design Preferences:
(July 2014) Price: $3,750

Design starts, completions, cancellations, processor/software utilization, and how developers report on design problems and required solutions

A continuation of last year’s ground-breaking study that:

  • Illustrates how design inefficiencies contributed to the high cost of embedded development, and

  • Describes the opportunities that afforded embedded vendors opportunities to move to new and lucrative markets to address these shortcomings.
Discover the opportunities that await the vendor that can address these painful and expensive design shortcomings.

Embedded Development Tools and Real-time Operating Systems
(July 2014) Price: $5,700

World markets, user perspectives and strategic issues Markets and the forces that drive them change quickly. This annual report tracks these changes (including trending data from the previous 5 year period) and describes:

  • The migration of embedded markets to new opportunities driven by disruptive technologies, the increased complexity of embedded designs, and the increased need for hardware-software integration.

  • The resilience of legacy markets is also tracked. Includes survey responses that describe developers’ activities, vendor select ion criteria and methodologies, current and anticipated utilization of chips, software and tools, and more.

2012 EMF Embedded Executive Dashboard
(April 2014) Price: $9,750

If purchased separate from EMF Market Intelligence Program

Embedded Market Forecasters in proud to introduce the Embedded Executive Dashboard – a web based source of detailed information that permits you to gain information and insights to your industry, your competition and your current and prospective customers. Think of it as a Heads – Up information source for your product and strategic planning efforts.

At your finger tips – no matter where you are as long as you have Internet access – you can find specific information regarding the detailed responses of over a thousand embedded developers to the recent EMF Embedded Developer’s Survey. You can find out:

  • Which microprocessors, which host platforms, which target OSes, which programming languages, which wireless protocols, which security protocols, which drivers, etc. are used by your current and prospective customers?

  • Discover the number of new to world and newly reconfigured embedded design starts per developer as well as which RTOS, FPGA, and simulation-modeling vendors embedded developers are familiar with and which they use.

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