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Custom Research and Market Intelligence Services

Embedded Market Forecaster's custom research provides our clients with market intelligence supported by data and analysis that addresses their specific information needs. Our consulting and research team is composed of both permanent staff members and experienced industry partners. EMF’s custom research services are performed exclusively by senior team members with extensive embedded industry experience. Only projects that EMF can fulfill to our proven high standards are accepted.

Contact us to discuss any of your requirements for up to date and relevant market intelligence for your business.


Embedded Market Forecasters offers expertise in the following areas:
  • Market Research

    standard reports, custom surveys, research, market intelligence and analysis to provide the most comprehensive and detailed embedded marketplace information and expert analysis available in the industry.
  • In Depth Studies

    competitor, market, technology or product studies
  • Business Planning

    from tactical to strategic
  • Due Diligence

    appraisal of embedded industry markets or technologies
  • Partnering Strategy

    assessment of partnering opportunities and strategies as well as introductions to key executives prospective embedded industry partner companies
  • Market Entry Strategy

    developing effective and focused plans, positioning and messaging
  • Executive Advisory Service

    CEOs and VPs can gain access to an informed, confidential, executive-level independent counsel at a significant savings over a full-time in-house analyst


EMF offers both formal and informal feedback, as determined by specific client project parameters and preferences. We offer interim update reports during the course of each project via telephone or e-mail. Final reports can be provided in either electronic or hardcopy format, and presentation of final results is included as a project deliverable upon request.


Understanding your market segment and how it and complementary market segments impact your company provides you with the ability to quickly recognize and capitalize upon opportunities as well as recognize and mitigate threats. Accurate, timely information and expert analysis is one of the most important investments a company can make. EMF can provide comprehensive research and analysis for a fraction of the cost of conducting such research in-house. We provide our clients with exceptional value for their investment, and price our services in order to meet, and exceed, our client’s expectations to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.
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