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“It has been my pleasure to work with Jerry Krasner of Embedded Market Forecasters as IBM introduced VisualAge Micro Edition to the embedded engineering marketplace. EMF's research is comprehensive and detailed, representing in-depth study of this emerging technology. We have also participated in several well-organized technical and trade events organized by Jerry and EMF, thus helping our key customers learn more about our innovative approach to embedded.”

--Skip McGaughey, Director, IBM Embedded Systems Group

“EMF's survey of real developers makes their data most valuable for our market analysis and product planning. Rather than just surveying users, EMF identifies those who have actually developed and shipped products. These developers offer the most valuable information, having successfully navigated the treacherous path to market. EMF's expert analysis then identifies the factors that helped these developers succeed, and this enables all of us to learn from their success”

--John Carbone, VP Marketing Express Logic

"As a premier embedded research and advisory firm, EMF understands the intricacies of the marketplace and the interdependencies of the market participants. Dr. Krasner has extensive experience in the embedded industry and provides a comprehensive overview of the market. He is able to provide his clients with up-to-date information on what is happening in the marketplace, as well as what the impact will be on the embedded market. His knowledge and materials have been invaluable in helping us identify current trends and to develop our strategy."

--Melanie Gill Director, Corporate Communications, Real-Time Innovations

"We’ve always looked forward to working with EMF and Dr. Jerry Krasner. The market surveys and research from EMF have provided valuable insight into trends and developments in the embedded marketplace. Jerry’s reports and writing style is captivating, and we’ve relied on his research and white papers throughout the years to help deliver our message around the value of embedded Linux. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Jerry and EMF in the future."

--Dean Misenhimer, Marketing Director, Monta Vista Software

“Lone Star Aerospace is a recognized strategy advisor to government and industry organizations. Our suite of predictive forecasting tools relies on high quality data to generate actionable answers. EMF has the most comprehensive and accurate embedded database with features and flexibility that allows us to quickly focus on specific issues and create meaningful results for our clients."

--Steven Roemerman CEO, Lone Star Aerospace

"EMF and Dr. Jerry Krasner in particular, provides the experience and data we need to make informed decisions about our customers in the critical embedded software market. With a wide range of questions focused on technologies, trends, pains, and benefits, the EMF surveys give us the information we need to make informed product planning, market, and business development decisions. Ultimately, EMF helps us build better products and services providing our customers with the very best critical software solutions in the embedded market."

--Jim McElroy ESTEREL

"Microsoft has made incredible investments in the embedded software market to enable our partners to bring innovative and advanced devices to market quickly. The EMF report on the Total Cost of Development for embedded systems was instrumental in opening an industry dialogue about important issues that every company developing an embedded product should consider."

--Scott Horn, Director, Embedded Devices Group, Microsoft Corp

"For nearly a decade, Wind River Systems has leveraged Dr, Jerry Krasner and EMF for a comprehensive, accurate and detailed sizing and analysis of the embedded marketplace, including forecasts predicated on market driving forces. Jerry has always been responsive to our needs and inquiries, returning calls within hours of when they were placed or responding immediately. His views and data are incorporated into our planning"

--Kathleen Shanahan, Director, Wind River Systems

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