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White Papers

Welcome to our White Papers Download Page. Please feel free to download as many of the White Papers as you wish. More will be added as we bring out new reports so please keep visiting and checking what's available. If you subscribe to our eNewsletter (see signup in sidebar) - we will notify you when a new whitepaper is available.

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Getting Your Medical Devices to Market FasterGetting Your Medical Devices to Market Faster, on Schedule, and at Lower Cost

How integrating GUI design with RTOS selection can enhance time-to-market and produce a more effective medical product.

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Using Little Data to Gain a Competitive AdvantageUsing "Little Data" to Gain a Competitive Advantage in Cost Controls, Marketing, Sales and Product Development.

How Developers, Managers, CFOs, and Sale and Marketing Executives can Affordably Determine Competitive Advantages from the background Noise of Claims, Counter Claims and FUD

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EMF Survey USB Respondents2013 Embedded Market Forecasters Survey of Embedded Developers - USB Respondents

The intent of this paper is to share with embedded developers and vendors the results of the USB segment of the just concluded 2013 EMF survey.

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EMF Hardware Test and ValidationLooking at Developer Activities - Hardware Test and Validation

The intent of this paper is to share with embedded developers and vendors the results of this segment of the just concluded 2013 EMF survey.

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EMF Survery Bluetooth Repondents2013 Embedded Market Forecasters Survey of Embedded Developers - Bluetooth Respondents

The EMF Market Intelligence Program presents Bluetooth vendors and embedded Bluetooth users a comprehensive way to understand the competitive marketplace and to be able to understand what developers using Bluetooth and other available wireless protocols are experiencing and complaining about.

(download now)








EMF DO-178BDO 178B - Redux - Looking at Developer Preferences, Issues and Vendor Cost.

Embedded Market Forecasters (EMF) used its 2011 survey of embedded developers (642 respondents) to look at the habits and concerns of DO178B developers and how their activities and designs compared with the broad embedded industry.

(download now)








Critical Issues Confronting Medical Device ManufacturersCritical Issues Confronting Medical Device Manufacturers -

EMF’s Guide for Medical Device Developers to design better products, reduce costs, meet FDA/CDRH requirements more efficiently, and avoid recalls, lawsuits, and nasty criminal complaints

(download now)








Affordable Care Act Tax on InnovationAffordable Care Act Tax on Innovation -

The Affordable Care Act’s Tax on Innovation – Issues Confronting Medical Device and Other Manufacturers.
Why Time-to-Market and Total Cost of Development will become Issues of Paramount Importance.

(download now)









Developers Report on their use of Wireless ProtocolsDevelopers Report on their Use of Wireless Protocols for Embedded Applications -

Wireless protocols are deployed across a large number of markets. More than a decade ago, the telecommunications marketplace was undergoing a significant restructuring. Landline communications were more prevalent than wireless applications and the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCS) were using their financial clout to drive the Competitive Local Exchange Companies (CLECS) out of business.





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Are Free RTOS Giveaways Really Free?Are Free RTOS Giveaways Really Free? -

Exploring Freescale's MQX giveaway

Freescale is giving away “free” the MQX operating system with its chipsets – but is Freescale helping or handicapping their customers? In a recent EMF survey of 642 embedded developers, we were able to compare design outcomes among all of the major operating systems (using our unique Dashboard tool) in order to see whether design and time-to-market outcome costs negate the “free” acquisition savings.




(download now)



Exploring the COTS MarketplaceExploring the Current COTS Marketplace -

Current Usage, Comparative Total Cost of Development and Future Outlook under Severe Downsizing of DoD Funding

The Aerospace and Defense Industries of the United States are poised to undergo one of the most significant changes since the end of the Cold War, perhaps the most significant since World War II.

If the readers have been paying attention to Secretary Gates, the handwriting is on the wall – but it’s in fine print, not in the harsh language that the DoD has acknowledged. We continue to believe that observers who expect small changes are mistaken, fostering a false and dangerous sense of security across much of the industry and government. Developers, OEMs and systems integrators should be prepared for a rapidly changing marketplace as procurement spending will be uncertain and competitors will be scrambling to find new markets and applications to cover anticipated losses.

(download now)

Mobile Technologies-Exploiting Development Technologies to Drive Desired Business Outcomes Mobile Technologies - Exploiting Development Technologies to Drive Desired Business Outcomes

An analysis of issues faced by mobile device manufacturers and how they can remain competitive.(download now)






Choosing Between Embedded Linux OSes

Choosing Between Commercial and Roll Your Own (RYO) Embedded Linux OSes

Long-term ROI considerations

(download now)






Choosing Between Commercial and Roll Your Own (RYO) Embedded Communication Integration Middleware

A detailed ROI analysis of current RYO and commercial solutions based on EMF’s detailed year-over-year surveys of embedded developers. (download now)

Embedded Linux Total Cost of Development Analyzed - Redux 2009

EMF is taking a look at the results of the 2008 and 2009 EMF Surveys of Embedded Developers to determine how embedded Linux designs compare with commercial RTOS design outcomes and whether the changes observed in 2007 have continued.(download now)

Embedded Linux Total Cost of Development Analyzed

An Evaluation of the Costs Associated with Embedded Linux Development as Compared with Commercial RTOSes and Non-Commercial Linux (download now)

What Do You Do When the Horse You’re Riding Drops Dead?:

Why Model Driven Design is Emerging as a Preferred Best Practice (download now)

Shoot Out at the RTOS Corral

How Design Outcome Data Analysis can be used to assist Medical Device Developers in Selecting the OS Most Appropriate to Their Product Design Requirements (download now)

A Model Driven Approach to Software Development for Systems

If your code doesn’t run because someone changed the hardware and the guy who wrote the code left the company 10 years ago...(download now)

RTOS Selection and Its Impact on Enhancing Time-To-Market and On-Time Design Outcomes

How time-to-market and on-time design considerations can cost or make you money - and why you should consider these factors in choosing or replacing your operating system. Including 2009 Addendum: RTOS Selection for Medical Devices (download now)

Model Driven Development of Certifiable Software: A Best Practice for Safety-Critical Applications

Moving beyond Model Driven Design of Systems to Formal Development of Software as a Best Practice for Certification in Mil/Aero, Industrial, Transportation, and Medical Applications (download now)

Total Cost of Development (2003)

A comprehensive cost estimation framework for evaluating embedded development platforms
(download now)
Note: The information in this report has been updated in the Embedded Linux TCD whitepaper.
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